Oil usage

Hey all, my father recently bought a vf1000. Very tidy bike, runs incredibly smooth, plenty of power, a great bike to ride. The only concern is that it seems to use a lot of oil. Roughly one litre per 500 Kms. There are no visible oil leaks, nor does the engine smoke at all, although the mufflers get a bit sooty, maybe from running a bit rich. He used to ride a BMW, which burn oil to lubricate the engine. I was wondering if the vf1000’s are similar to this, or is this oil usage something we should fix?

whats the milage and what kind of oil is it running on?
Some people think its best to put semi synthetic oil in or fully synthetic oil
But I run my bike on standard sf spec oil like Mr Honda recommends as He spent millions on development for this bike and he knows best.

A lot of these bikes have topped 500000 miles and the valve stem oil seals could have gone hard and need replacing.
but it could be just the oil

had the same problem with my Yamaha xj1100J maxim in my brothers garage in Topeka Kansas USA and that fixed the oil consumption with the right oil.


Wow, hold on … a litre every 500k’s … no, no that’s a lot !!
No somethings wrong there I’m afraid. That’s more than a 2 stroke !!
Anything over about 100 ml per 1000k’s and you’re burning too much, I’ve run many 100,000km + VF’s and none have burnt that much oil.
Sorry, you need to investigate that for the sake of the planet.

Heavy oil usage? Look on the bright side, you don’t have to do an oil change very often…