Old stock spares is a SCAM

Looking for an obscure decal for an FE I’m building and came across this site,Item in stock PLUS 10% discount for paying by credit or debit card.
Arrived at checkout and did the usual card details plus they asked for my dob so they could verify my card by MasterCard Securecode.
My card was declined.
Mrs Bif asked if I had checked the reviews for the site and all was revealed.
You get baited into giving more than one cards details then there are purchases made all over Europe.
Steer well clear even tho it’s well up on a Google search.
My card is now cancelled and fortunately they have got nothing
Thank goodness for Mrs Bifs obsession with reviews
Stay safe all Bif

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Lucky escape then bif… which decal are you after ?

Hi Pete,after getting a deal on the black and silver side panels,all I need is to sort a fairing out.I have one that requires minor repair but the silver and white rhs decal 87117-MB6-610ZC is damaged.
Any leads on one gratefully accepted
Regards Bif

I have a black and silver tank decal which was spare from a set I bought from cbdecals in Canada, full sets used to be about £120, don’t know if they would suply just the fairing decals, they were hard to communicate with at times… will keep a look out.