1997 imported mint US model RF with 650 miles on clock???

Ebay link - http://bit.ly/icvmYx

Something a little odd about this one. I would say there is something missing from it’s history as it doesn’t look like a US spec model to me. Looks like a European spec one. The yanks never had the long tank, their tanks sloped off more to the back, and the side panels are wrong also for the states. All the states ones had the mesh panels. The only time I have seen that sort of mix with the earlier side panels but later fairing is French or Scandanavian models. Tread carefully!!

Tread very carefully guys! Some very strange coincidences here. Showing 647miles. Imported 1997. Claimed to be US spec but EU tank.
The one I posted here a while ago on Ebay was Blue colour scheme like this, had an EU tank but the guy claimed it was US import. It was imported 1997 and guess what it had 647miles on the clock. Price was about the same too!
Crooky went to see it and it was a shed!
Too many coincidences maybe!![?][?]
Perhaps Crooky can remember the Reg.

Now I think about it that one had the wrong sidepanels as well!!

Registration is B212 FGT.

I meant perhaps Crooky can remember the reg of the one he went to see cos I’m sure this is the same bike.[8D]

Its possibly an Italian import as it has a single headlight,RF mirrors which the US didnt get,no reflectors on the indicator mounts (US spec) and RE style side panels again not supplied to the US.The only way to be sure is to check thhe frame number but I would not trust the mileage or this seller if what Crooky said is anything to go by.BIF