On the road again

Ok it´s time for a little update.
Just yesterday I took my Interceptor out for the first time in 6 months, in that time I´ve given the engine a complete overhaul, I strippet it down measured everything and foun out it´s alright so I just put it back together with new valve stems and a valve lapping.
I put in a drill and tap oil mod and new diaphragms in the carbs since I had three of them busted.
I painted my frame and the engine and a friend of mine took all the body and fixed broken fairing and painted the body in a Spectrablue color.
It´s safe to say that the 2 mile run I took yesterday just put a smile on my face, those three busted diaphragms took a lot of horsepower away but now it´s just power all the way.
In the link here below there are some photos taken yesterday in the sun.
Here it´s cold outside now just below 0 degrees celcius so I won´t ride more until it gets warmer.

Best to all


Looks a very nice bike that.I like the blue paintwork,it looks like it has a very good finish to it with a nice deep shine.I hope you enjoy it when the weather warms up.


Thanks Alan

I think my friend did a great job on the paint job and I´m pretty pleased with how it looks. Hopefully it works as well as it looks and then I don´t have to worry about anything.


Her is a link to some photos of how it looked before I started working on it.



The blue really does look great, I hope mine looks as good when it’s finally finished!

The blue really does look great, I hope mine looks as good when it’s finally finished!

Hmm, double post, not sure what I did there?

Gunnar how did you go with the drill and tap mod, any tips for installation? I’m thinking of going that way on mine as I seem to be having a hell of a time getting an adapter type from Dave Dodge, he’s either making them or has just sold out when I email, even though I have asked to be put on the waiting list.
He does have the drill and tap in stock though.


The drill and tap mod is not so difficult.
I´m a mechanic so I´ve made some hydrolic lines in ships so I now a thing or two.
I bought two 6mm banjo´s 1 6mm tee from a local hydrolic store it is called 6L, I also had some 6mm pipe. I welded the banjo to a pice of the pipe and formed it so the tee would be just below the bolt in the front head then I had connected both heads.
Then I bought a flexible steel hose with 6mm ends one of the ends is 45 degree angel and the other is just straight.
I drilled a 4mm hole in the correct place and the I drilled the 9mm hole I was very nervous drilling in my engine.
I got my selve a 90 degree knee with 1/8 in one end and 6mm in the oteher tapped the hole with 1/8 threads and screwed it in using Permabond to seal the threads.
When I first started the bike I wasn´t sure if it would work so I let it just run for 30 sec then turned it of and disasemblet the oil line to see if there was oil in it and it workes.
I hope you can read this I´m not very good in writing in english, but I can somday this veek take some photos of the oil mod and try to put it on the web so you can imagine how it looks.
The only thing I can advise you is to take good care of where you drill and be cerful not to drop any of the metal from the drilling in the pipe, then you have to take the oil pan and clean it up.

Best to all Gunnar

Thanks Gunnar, no problem with your english.

Drilling into the engine is the bit that makes me a bit nervous also, although I’ve had a reasonable amount of experience in drilling and tapping,(I’m an Electrical Fitter by trade)

It’s the thought of messing it up that is worse than actually doing it, if it was only a piece of aluminium that I needed to drill and tap it wouldn’t bother me! ( well it is, but a very expensive bit[:D])

Look forward to seeing your pics


Sorry Tony the last two weeks have been a very busy ones, but today I was able to get some photos of the oil mod and put in the album, there is also a short video of my bike so all of you can hear her.
I was also able to take her for a little spin and put 20 miles on her, everything is good exept for a small hesitation between 2000 and 3000 rpms. I don´t have a clue what it might be but I hope I won´t have to pull the carbs again.
I hope you will be able to see something from those photos how I put in the oil mod.

Best to all

Thanks Gunnar,

I see how it fits, I have a drill and tap kit coming from Dave Dodge which I imagine will be similar to yours.


A good way to make sure you don’t get any swarf in the motor is to drain the oil(perhaps do the work at a scheduled oil/filter change), then remove the clutch cover, behind which is the alloy plug that sits at the end of the main oil gallery you will be drilling into. Remove the plug(it just pulls out with a pair of pliers) and stuff some clean rag down the gallery. Then drill your casing, before pulling the rag out and any swarf along with it.