one start up..

alright i have a 1984 vf1000f and iam having a starter problem/battery problem… when the engines cold it starts right up no problem… but after a 10 minute ride or so the starter just seems to have nothing as if the battery just suddenly died and fell flat on its face. the question i have has anyone ever had this problem with this bike… its got a brand new starter and a brand new battery… help? [?]

sounds like its not charging
check regulator it should get hot under left side panel

Hi CMB, first job is to recharge the battery then get it started abd running. Put a voltmeter across the battery and see what reading you get. It should be around 14v - if its below 12v then obviously its over to Windy`s input.
Good luck - not such a major issue.


Hi, I had a similar starting problem with my F2f several years ago. Bear with me on this, in my case it was leaking carb float needle valves. The engine would more often than not fail to start when hot as cylinders were hydraulic locking with the excess fuel, if the engine was allowed to cool, the fuel would evaporate/dissipate aided by the engine heat, so cold start would not be a problem. I would suggest you try turning off the petrol several minutes before you switch off the engine hot, and then see if it restarts? If it does, you may be on the right track? Best of luck, let us all know how it goes?

I had problems with starter and battery, eventually changed starter but eventually + 6 months had to fit a new regulator, no problems in 2 years… Mind I only started it last week after 4 months :slight_smile:

yes… once the engines running everything is good to go… 14.8 volts engine on and the regulator is getting hot… but cobby i think your on to something that sounds like that could be my problem could also explain y carbs sometimes leak out of the breathers in the bowl when i turn the ignition on…

Fingers crossed for a cure then. Have you tried turning off the petrol before shutting down the engine yet?

no not yet it has been heavily raining so i have not had a chance but weather should bee good tomorrow fingers crossed!

well got the battery charged up and it started right up as expected… did a 30 min run around town and got home waited 5 mins and it started up again. did some tuning and the bike shut down on me went to start it up… again started up perfect… BUT when i went to go for a ride it died on me dont the road will not start up again same symptoms… again seems like its locking up… and now iam having nothig goin on like the starter went out or something. problem, after problem, after problem…

Did you try the petrol tap trick then?

Did you try the petrol tap trick then?

ive tried just about everything i can think of… its a hit and miss when it wants to work… i ride it every where as long iam not having to turn the bike off its good to go… possible the starter could over heat? and yes i did the tap trick

Do you have any electrical power at all when it wont start? Any clicking from the start solenoid?
Might be worth checking the voltage on both sides of the solenoid and down at the starter itself when it wont start.
You should have 12v on the battery side of the solenoid and when the starter button is pressed 12v on the other side (plus a click as the solenoid comes in)and down to the starter itself.

Also worth checking the neutral switch and clutch switch are working properly.

It sounds like you have multiple issues
If the regulator is getting hot then the charging circuit is working.
You say battery is new ( I say HOW OLD ? and what make ? )
When the battery is charged fully the solenoid clicks proving power at the solenoid OK
Next have you tested the starter motor on the bench in a vice(you say new starter,must be the last one on the planet,test it and make sure it starts at least 10 times.

Have you cleaned out the tank in case rust is inside (very common)
Change fuel filter as may be full of rust and check pump is clean and not full of rust.

Now carbs
Have you cleaned the carbs since owning your machine.
Blocked jets stop engine running, de scaling is a good idea as my brother in Topeka KS does this to every bike he rebuilds and he is a teacher teaching transport which covers all of these things .

You have your jobs to do
get back to this forum when completed

just to blow my own trumpet )city and guilds trained Motorcycle mechanic and still love the classics bikes only)

Just a thought, what about checking the engine earth status? Maybe there are multiple dry joints that manfest on a warm engine? Run a jump lead from battery direct to starter body & try it? Once again best luck.

alright guys just report back to yall sorry i aint been on here in a while but i got my problems all sorted out… basically the engine was getting hot and the ground strap would not allow for adequate current flow causing to much resistance… so i changed the starter, solenoid, power wire for the starter, and relocated a second ground wire on the starter directly to it… works great aint had a problem since ive ridden across the states from CA to AK 6 times now without one hiccup! iam thoroughly happy thanks for all your guys help. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi, I have a problem with the recharge controller. When running the engine, I found that the connector and wires from the alternator get extremely hot. So is the charge controller. It sends almost 15V to the battery. Do you know what the problem is? If the regulator is faulty? Thank you for the series.