Opportunity Maintenance

Learned Collective…

Despite having had two VF1000s over the years, I’m embarrassed to say that the extent of my involvement with the engines is routine servicing; I thus know nowt about the internals from a hands - on viewpoint.

And so to my question:

I have cause to remove the clutch cover to replace a weeping gasket. This is, obviously, a pretty simple job. The question is, is there anything hiding behind the clutch cover that would benefit from some opportunity maintenance or a quick look-see while the cover’s off?


Don’t take my word for it but I think the clutch is behind that cover :speak_no_evil:

And the award for the most obvious comment goes to…

If the clutch is operating as it should I would leave well alone.Nothing much to do in there maintenance wise,just be careful when reassembling that the starter reduction gear is fitted correctly,they tend to fall out when you pull the casing off