Our member Jva 765 V65 find...

At €850,will you understand my jealousy?

Very nice.

Hi Fred, I’m sitting at Sydney Airport as I write this - but your friend had a very good find there, lovely machine. Prices for things in Oz are very expensive by UK standards.

Saw a weird Honda - which I will put up later, in Hong Kong.


hi fred,
yes that is a steel at 850 euros, your friend has done very well, we dont tend to see many of those in the UK… come to think of it we don’t see many vf’s either ::slight_smile:

Martin… you must have more air miles under your belt than mick jagger… just trying to think if theres anything i need for the vf from Hong Kong ;D ;D

I paid about same sum for mine, but the bike was in US. After getting it to Finland, the amount was something else…Merde.
But I like the bike very much, it is actually more fun to drive below 120 kmh speeds than my trusty F2 with R-engine. Especially in the town, great traffic light missile.

You’ll love this bike. It isn’t the best at anything but it does everything really well.