Overnight ride about 500kms away

Hi All,

Planning an Overnight ride for me and my brothers birthday.
About a dozen riders at this stage but invite is there.

Going out west about 500kms from Sydney to stay at a pub for the night and come home Sunday a different route. (one big loop)

26th and 27th of October.

let me know if anyone interested in joining us.

Will keep you posted of meeting point but probably the Cross Roads Hotel again (as always)

the variety of bikes is always amazing;
My dirty ‘HO’(1984 VF1000F), my brother on his KTM950SE, my other brother on his CBR1000F, my brother in-law on his FZ1000, my best mate on his XJR1300, another mate on a Triumph Tiger 850 another on a CB900 Hornet, another on a GPZ900 and another mate on a BMW1200 something (BLOODY VOLVO RIDERS LOL) be good to see more riders.


This ride sounds good, provided it’s on a weekend i should be able to make it! :slight_smile:

Hi Will, You are more than welcome to join us. where are you situated at?

We would be leaving Saturday morning 26th of October at about 7 or 8 am from probably The Cross Roads Hotel and heading out west to possibly Dubbo. We will be back on Sunday late afternoon. We don’t usually ride after about 5pm due to the Australian wild life and like to go mildly wild ourselves. It would be great to have new riders join in and party with us as the ride is usually awsome and to have a drink at the pub tops it off.

More details will be added as we organize it but this is definitely going ahead. (even tho the wife isn’t happy about it)

Thanks pberkhoutxr630 [:D]

I’m in Claremont Meadows, near St Marys. My old VF has a dicky ignition switch at present but provided I get that sorted all should be good.

I’ll confirm my attendance a little closer to the date[8D]

hi William,

sorry mate, the overnighter did not go through and will not untill further notice.
we will have more ride days and weekends but at the moment i cant do a thing with a broken wrist, 3 broken ribs and a big hole in my left foot. YEP, i did it again, crashed. some people have said i need training wheels and the misses has said i need to sell all my bikes but this was diferent, crashed the XR in the scrub at warp speed and ended up in Nowra Hospital for 2 nights.

see new post for more details.

will let you know when back up and riding, hopefully before Christmas.
look forward to meeting you out on the road one day.