Owners manual 1984 vf1000F

I have one, I’m looking at it right now.

1984 Honda 1000 Interceptor VF1000F Owner’s Manual, U.S.A.

Let me go about getting it scanned this week.

That would be cool @Captain_80s

That would be perfect! Thanks.

Here is the 1985 Honda VF1000 F2 Owners Manual in PDF format. Many thanks to @garyb who did the hard work and scanned his copy for us.


I was able to run OCR on it, so the pdf is text searchable, I particularly enjoyed searching for “Auspuff”.
It’s an interesting read - although the ending is a bit disappointing (the Butler did it.)

AND - now I know why F2 riders are so cool - it’s the “Dash ventilation louvers”…

if any one wants to scan the FE or R owners manual for us that would be super!


I have the 84 manual scanned, but it is individual PDFs right now. I’m not sure how soon I’ll get my license at work to combine them into one file. If it doesn’t matter, I can zip them in a folder.

Send it to somebody or upload somewhere?

Also I have my 85 and 86 VF1000R manuals at work too that I will scan.

Up next the 1984 VF1000 F Interceptor owners manual, courtesy of @Captain_80s. Thanks very much for sending us your scans of the manual. I have added a text searchable PDF to the sites downloads, and you can peruse the manual here :



This, is what I have been searching for!
Thank you to all involved I very much appreciate every ones efforts here.


Just looked yeh my. Manual is for feIMG_20191025_185656 IMG_20191025_185644

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Will try and get it copied for you

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There is one on the german e bay site at the mo looks in good nick

Thanks for that.
Downloaded now.

Must keep an eye out for an FF one.

I have an FF minus the owner’s manual. If you’d be interested in selling it I’d be interested in buying it to make my bike complete.