Owners manual 1984 vf1000F

I know this was brought up before, but the owners manual for this bike doesn’t seem to exist. I can find dozens of repair manuals, (which is kinda scary in its self) paper, digital versions and by serval authors, I have yet to find even the slightest clue of one ever existing. Has any one actually seen a copy? Has anyone got for sale or know where it can be obtained? At this point I’d settle for an explaination as to why they are so hard to come by.

If you mean the workshop manual here is a pdf version


Bif says the owners manual is as rare as hobby horse poo. I thought I had one but it seems my alzheimers is flaring up again…

If you search the forum for “owners manual” you will see the same question has been asked a few times!

“Hobby horse poo” LOL. Hadn’t heard that before. You’re right, it has been brought up before. It never seems to be resolved though. I have an original copy of the workshop manual. They are dime a dozen on ebay amazon etc. I’d really like to have the owners manual for it. Thanks for your advise, I appreciate it. Hope your Alzheimer’s clears up soon. I can relate.

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Ah yes I have an original owners manual. Surprisingly small but. I’d like to now how much its worth. I have had it for a few years and never thought much about it.

IMG_20190929_172711 IMG_20190929_172708
195 pages of shit when u r as thick as me.


Ahhhh so it does exist, thanks @gmcc

If anyone has one that they can either scan or send to us to scan let me know, would like to digitalise it and add it to the downloads.

195 pages?
Should take you about half an hour to PDF it.

Are you done yet?

Pete I’ve had it for years wish I knew how to copy it for u. Maybe Bill will tell me. Can’t believe its so rair

I have one of those that I can scan for you but it has about 5 pages missing at the back and no rear cover, I will look in the garage tomorrow for missing pages though I don’t think that they’re very important. Do you want them scanned as one page let photo or two pages?

I too have one of these, I ordered mine from a honda dealers when I bought my fe back in 1991, unfortunately it’s for the 1985 ff model :frowning:

Spent best part of half a day looking for this thinking its some kind of rarity, seem like everyone has one :frowning:… graham, Garry, is yours for the ff too, or the fe ?

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Thanks @garyb - that would be great. Whatever is easiest for you, I will edit it together into a pdf. I think we can live without the missing 5 pages…

I’d appreciate a copy of the FF manual, if a PDF is created.

Just wanted to thank all involved here. I look forward to reading the manual. Yes, I have no life. Just a garage full of old bikes.20190924_175433


Ok paj, working tomorrow but off on Wednesday so will do it then and if you PM me an email address I’ll send it over to you.

On closer inspection Pete mine is for a bol, strange since I’ve never owned one! I’m sure I have another somewhere for an fe will look tomorrow.

Ozzy, when you say owners manual do you mean a smaller sized half inch thick book that explains how everything works and also gives servicing information etc at the back or are you talking about a glossy type presentation booklet?

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The half inch thick one. It would have come with the bike back in '84.

Let me check, I might have my US spec 1984 Owner’s Manual.

That would be awsome. Let me know. Thanks.

Paj, I’ve scanned the manual and zipped it up I just need somewhere to send it. It’s not the one for the F that was requested but may be of use to anyone with a VF1000F-11 bol dor