Owner's Manual Wanted VF1000F 84

I am looking in a decent Owner’s Manual for my VF1000F 84
Thanks for your help

Hi docketo

Few and far between to find…
I have been using this electronic version

Good luck with your search

Hi docketo,
be careful of Clymer manuals for the VF! The cam timing section is totally wrong, the Honda pdf from this forum is correct. The manuals do come up occasionally on Fleabuy, just keep searching, good luck!

Are you looking for an owner’s manual or a shop manual?

I have an owner’s manual for an FE if that’s what you’re after?

Hello Chris
I am interested. Can you show me some photos?

Hi, Michel,

I can send you some photos when it arrives. It’s on its way from Australia, installed under the seat of my bike, which is scheduled to be delivered to me around August 21st.

As soon as it arrives, I’ll send you some photos.

What sort of photos do you want?



Hi chris, If Michel doesnt take it , i would be interested , cheers Tony

Thanks so much Chris. Let me know when it arrive. send the photos to docketogenic@gmail.com

I’ve got an original Honda workshop manual for the 1000FE, same as the download version available here. Used but still good, if anyone is interested

Hello Chris
Di you get your bike? I am still looking for an Owner’s manual if you got your bike.
PS: I am also looking for a rubber over the trip meter as mine just busted if you know where I can get one.

Hi, Michel,

My bike is still at the importers, awaiting the completion of the registration formalities. It should have been released three weeks ago, but DVLA are dragging their feet.

I’ll let you know when I’ve actually got it, and send you the photos of the manual you requested.

The rubber sheath on the trip reset is very hard to come by. I’m looking for one myself.


There is a copy here. You will not find a paper copy. I don’t know why, but they’re rare as hens teeth.


Hi, Michel,

The importers have assured me that my bike will be in my possession on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

Watch this space for the photos of the owner’s manual you requested.

Ok Chris, That sounds great. You must be very excited?

Hi, Michel,

I’ve gone past excited, more annoyed. It should have been here at the end of August. Now I have the frustration of not riding it until the Spring (too old to get cold and wet).

I’ll send you the pics of the FE owner’s handbook when I have the bike and can get it out from under the seat.

Not long now…


Hi, Michel,

After much to-ing and fro-ing and a lot of bad language, my bike will be here in about four hours…

I’ll post the photos of the handbook then.

If you want the bag for it, you can order it from Honda under the following part number:


Hi, Michel,

It’s here! World peace is prevailing!

I’ve emailed you some photos of the handbook. Let me know if you want it.