Paddock stand

Will be picking up my 1st vf1000re next week 20k miles Uk bike also going to Stafford bike show tomorrow any recommendations for a paddock stand .

hi stroudy,
welcome to the forum, i have only just recently become a convert to paddock stands so i cant really recommend one above another, however i have just been using a cheep universal one, its good points are the double wheels which help to keep everything ridgid, its bad points are you have to position it infront of the rear sprocket because the the piece that fits under the swingarm is quite long and catches on the rear sprocket bolts if you try spin the wheel…
the front wheel chock is a great piece of kit and makes using the paddock stand far easier

i added some washers onto the spring loaded shafts to keep its width nearer to the width of the swing arm which makes it a whole lot easier to use