Paint stripper?

Has anybody used Paint stripper with success .And what kind did they use,.?

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To answer your question with any degree of validity, I’d need to know what the paint you wish to strip is adhered to.

Strippers can do significant damage to substrates if you use the wrong one.

Similarly, the type of paint has an impact on stripper choice.

Do you want to strip paint off plastics, steel or alloy substrates?

This is the stuff I used originally, yes it worked pretty well, however there is no better way of doing this but abrasive blasting to give the best finish prior to painting. My plan was to not pull the engine apart ( too much anyway ) so the paint stripper was the best option at that point. but now with the engine completely apart ill take all the paint off the engine covers by sand blasting.

Good luck…Tony

Paint Stripper

If it should work, it doesn’t …

Use old brake fluid.

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I am working with Plastic.?

The most effective way I’ve found to remove paint completely from plastics with minimal damage to the substrate is to use dot 3 or 4 brake fluid.

Paint it on, let it stand until the paint blisters; then agitate the paint bubbles with a stiff bristled brush soaked in brake fluid; then wipe it off with a disposable cloth or garage wipe. You may have to repeat this to completely remove the paint.

Once the paint is removed, wash the substrate carefully and thoroughly with soapy water.

Commercially available strippers will damage the plastic. Strippers designed to remove paint from plastic models won’t work on the paint used on bikes.

If you’re removing the paint with a view to respraying it, you could always get it off by mechanical means (such as a rotary wire brush or sanding disc in an electric drill) which will both remove the paint and rough up the surface ready for respraying.

Ok Thks . Somebody also reccomended 400 or 600 grit Sandpaper,.? The plastics are
all the Body parts on the VF 1000 .

After rereading and watching other comments, I would like to add I only used this paint stripper on the engine and frame, all the body parts were sanded and prepared for painting just like any automotive panels by sanding and priming.

Ok Thks that is what I will do then