Parting out a USA Model VF1000f

I have a VF1000F that I’m parting out. Let me know what you need. I’m in the USA in Florida. I don’t have the front calipers.

I am in australia and looking for a CDI/igniter unit to suit an '85 VF1000F.
If you think you can help the numbers on my box are
131100-4790 F
12V MB6
and twin plugs, one white and one black, I will pay a fair price and whatever shipping costs.

need the rear shock,I am in WPB Fla Tim 561.685.0170

I need a pink crank shaft bearing to complete my '85 engine rebuild.
Thanks ,Terry.

Hi there, I know this is an old post, but I like to give it a chance. I’m looking for an original seat showing the “1000” at its sides. Do you still have the seat, and does it have the “1000”?
I’m located in Germany, owning a US Version of the VF, but unfortunately with the wrong seat :-.


Hello. Similar to the above, wondering if bits are still available. If its a model with two igniters as opposed to one I’d be interested in the igniter with the red connector. dont think mine is too long for this world!



looking for L+R front cowl and windshield for a 84 vf1000f ::slight_smile:

Hi, Looking for a pair of rear camshafts & followers, located in the UK so will pay a fair price plus whatever shipping costs.

Thanks Al

For your rear cams try phoning joy cams and see if they can sort your old ones, finding good second hand ones is almost impossible

Think I’ve found a set but cheers for the tip