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Hi all just started rebuilb , I,m looking at u.s web sites powersports plus . I,m trying to order piston rings STD size and big end and main bearings but I don,t know what part numbers to use , can anyone help ASAP as I,m going to Florida on 22/10/12 and would like to get posted to me while I,m there. I have an 84 euro model , I,m in Ireland, sssa ready to go on , want to get the motor right, well it was right lying up for 8 years , very little sign of wear and tear, 16000 miles on her I’ve done about 20 of them . When I bought it , it needed money that I really didn’t have . I want to get as much as I can for it in the states . I have lots of photo,s I,ll put up when I can ,too stressed out at moment . Cheers

With only 16k on the clock,why would you need rings or bearings?If compression nd oil pressure are within spec.I would be looking to spend my cash elsewhere.Regards BIF

Correct , it was lying up a long time , it needs tyres , battery , springs , shock , brakes I went to change the coolant and it was full of crap , heavy sediment from the rusty frame rail. In places the paint wasn’t,t great so I decided to restore it and added sssa . Thinking of powder coating wheels and frame need to make exhausts also thanks to swinging arm . So know it,s a monster , but I need to get it right or it,ll end up on e bay in boxes. Am I sorry I started . Absolutely . Honestly

Hi Retro, you sound like you need some moral support. I know what you mean about having started with good intentions and pull things apart only to find next day youre feeling crap and the funs gone out of it. Ireland is a beautiful place and the people wonderful, so why not invite a few VF`ers over and we can pile in to help ? That works for me. My brother lives in Perth (Aussie-land)and when I bit off more than I could chew when doing my bathroom, after about 6 months of inquiring about its (non) progress, he jumped on a plane and came over. We had it all sorted in 2 weeks. Brill brother he is - love him to bits.


[:)] Don,t be put off with the tasks ahead,I started off with a project bike to get my mind off computers(which is my occupation)I bid for it on ebay and amazingly won it for £220.00. When I drove to Ipswich to pick it up in my transit you could say I was a little shocked as I didn’t look that close in the adverts as I thought I would loose.
But basically I had a VF1000Fe More or less from the handlebars backwards
Someone had fitted a vf750f front end but not the front wheel and discs.
Over a 12 month time-scale Items I replaced after deciding I wanted it back to original spec,and the engine ran sweet so the project was a foot, or is that a human foot ?

In the end I replaced these parts

Both forks re chromed £165.00
front mudguard
yokes,new taper bearings they were fun,clip ons,fuse box,plastic covers for keys,Fairing,screen NEW,Both side panels,Tail cover,All rubber pipes from Graham in Scotland Thanks again Mate a real friend,
both radiators,frame for fairing,clocks,loads of correcting wiring,fuel pump,battery NEW Yuasa,Petrol Tank from Germany,air box and K&N filter,Handlebar rubbers and Electrics,Fitted one of Crookeys oiler kits (lovely bit of kit)and Lastly two Silencers from I think Germany plus all the hours it took to finish.

If you ask Me was it worth it and the wait my answer is totally YES YES YES. I could not afford one when I was 25 but now I am 47 I have 2 bikes in 2 country’s it costs Me about £150 a year for summer riding on the road and the MotoGP is back to 1000cc.

Fix it its going to be the most fun you never had and it will get constant attention .

I could not have fixed it with out these forum members

Lloyd in Norwich[:D]