parts, used or new, shipping to croatia, europe

hello guys! i am new here, and i would like to buy part for my honda vf 1000 f 1984 project.

i need:
left side cover
right handle bar switches
ignition key switch


Hi knapicrllr, welcome.
If you don’t get any response from the forum direct, I will be going to a BIG classic bike autojumble in the south of England in a couple of weeks. Things like a handle bar switch and ignition switch could perhaps be posted over to you if they have them at the show. Put up photos of exactly what you’re after then P.M. me how you would want to pay for them, I can then look out and let you know if there are any there ? Obviously, if there are none there then there’s nothing to pay.


I will pay via paypal, or direct on bank account. About photos, tomorrow.


OK Which part of Croatia are you living ?


near capital, next to airport