Perth WA

SO who else here is from Perth WA or even Western Australia in general

Nah, Sydney. but my brother Pat was in Perth for about 10 years and came back to this crap about 2 years ago.

Shifty, Ill be in Perth later this year seeing my brother whos in Yokine. You still on the boards ?


Another Perthite here.

North or south of the river


I bought my bike from Morley, but I’m down in Waikiki now. I was starting to think I had the only one in Perth.

Do you know if there are any other VF’s in Perth? Would be keen to catch up for a ride if your interested

Im sure there are others. I know of maybe 3 or 4 R’s in perth area.
Not sure on the F’s though.
Given the condition of both my R’s I’m reduced to riding the CBR1100 scooter when I go to Toodyay for a ride.

yea I’m still here marmite.

thx113 is that cause your R’s are pristine condition or not rideable condition?

Hi Shiftyxr and the x113. Id love to see those two Rs you mention. Maybe I could take a look in October when Im over ? Ill pm you when I`m there ?


The 85 is in middle of a ground up restoration and the 84 is in the last part of a half-arsed restoration.