Pesky resonance between 4k 5k thru the tank

All idea’s will be greatly appreciated. My 84 vf1000f has a very annoying resonance thru the fuel tank. I replaced the tank insulators all four. If you add an additional rubber front and rear the resonance lessens. My first attempt was the tank insulators. I inspected the wheel bearings both front and rear. Going so far as changing the front wheel. to verify the wheel bearing. I have not touched the steering head bearing adjustment.

Thanks in advance.

Tim .

Are the carbs balanced (using vacuum gauges)?

I have not balanced the carbs. I installed them straight out of the bag. Dave dodge renewed the carbs.

Bit of a long shot, but perhaps check all the engine bolts are tight?

Sounds like the resonence is coming from the engine
the tank is amplifing the noise

I agree with Hondamax thinking.
This season started with Footpeg buzzing at 5000rpm and up (um,… Spirited Riding,… ya,…).
Loosen’d all the Engine Bolts and then tighten all up at once gradually.
Much better.
Old Mechanics trick.

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I checked carb balance today. The ole girl did respond to a little tuning. No. 3 was out of spec by a fair amount. The test ride had a very faint resonance and only across a couple hundred RPM. Instead of the persistent noise between 3 and 4k. If I wasn’t “TUNED” in to the previous resonance. I would say not be able to distinguish any resonance at all.
Thanks for the guidance


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