Petrol tap incontinence.

Have just removed tank to replace seal between tank and tap which decided it would stop sealing just after I’d brimmed the tank with $30 worth of juice :frowning:
At this point I noticed the tap isn’t turning off properly. I’m assuming it’s possible to drill out the rivets, replace the seal inside and tap the body so I can screw back together ? As anyone done this ?

I tend to just buy new from CMSNL, as all the 2nd hand ones i bought off ebay were as leaky as the original.
Once you have it apart, there’s a seal that looks like 3 O rings put together. You could potentially use 3 O rings, but i do not know if it would seal properly.

Have refitted tap with new o-ring and have discovered that the tap itself is leaking and not shutting off properly. Drilled it all apart and the seals inside the tap are buggered. As anyone used a rebuild kit on these or am I better off getting a new tap ?
Also, when I took it all apart, there were 2 paper gaskets in there which aren’t on any parts drawing. Should they be in there or not ? They look like ‘proper’ gaskets rather than home made ones.