photo bucket problems

Hi guys,
It appears that Photobucket is clawing for money and many posted images (I assume they are in photo bucket) appear as dial images like the one attached. I am not prepared to pay $399/year to see such images. Is there any way we can all just post images another way. I normally just post a reduced size image but does that cause problems

Hi rob…
Yep it’s completely pee’d me off… I had somewhere in the region of 300 pics on this site linked through photo bucket, all of which are now displaying the $400 dollar ransom demand…
Windy solar pointed me in the direction of another photo sharing site called “imger”… there’s a link to it in the “how to post images” thread in the gallery section… and to be honest its a better site than photo bucket. .

Thats great Pete but what about all of those valuable photos linked through Photobucket? There are so many fantastic threads on this site and others where you can no longer see the photos. Yes, I too am P’d off

Yep… its annoying…and there’s no guarantee that other photo sharing sites go the same way… when I have time I will start replacing the pics but it’s a big task…

Photobucket scam was very disappointing. Pretty much ruin my site since I used photobucket heavily. Many threads are empty with pictures. What I am doing is replacing the pictures of important threads by uploading them to my server and using my hosting service to house the photos. But my site is small and that is alot of work. Nevertheless, one can click on the empty photos and it will direct link to the picture. At that point I download the picture to my image folder I created, upload it to server then paste the new url to the thread in edit mode. I have since moved on to Imgur who doesn’t have a problem with 3rd party hosting at this time. If any member has a thread they want to save just download your photos to a new hosting site then surgecally edit your thread and replace the same photos with the new image hosting site url. It’s a pain, but it will save the thread. Ed

I am currently working on restoring the photobucket pics in all posts, so far I have extracted a few hundred posted images from photobucket and saved them locally on our server. For those images I have extracted the posts have been updated and should hopefully show the original image again.

Please avoid using photobucket to share photos, have a look at the other options that are available. Dropbox is a good choice. If you need a dropbox account please use this referral link


excellent work peter