Photos of my recently aquired VF500F2

I bought this for £500.00 at the end of 2014 and she’s now in pieces with the frame having been powder coated in aluminium colour and the fork lowers in red.

nice looking vf500 martin, looks like a good buy at £500.

Yes it is and not bad for the money… 8)

Thanks guys, that was after it failed to reach it’s minimum on ebay ( maxed out at £420.00) so I negotiated the £500 with him about a week later after I’d been round to see it. He was very fair when describing it which I think put people off, i.e. the left pipe was rotten and the tyres were worn out. Therefore the people left in the ring were genuine VF500 admirers and not “buy it and flog it on” merchants. I managed to get a lovely complete standard exhaust set from the States for £165.00 including taxes and postage. ;D