It won’t be pretty, but… [}:)]

Maybe we should have a gallery for crashed VF’s?


lol [:)]

Actuerly - I prolly should have taken some snaps before I started stripping her down… Oh, er, and the bike as well! [:D]

Will take some pix @ the weekend - this may end up with a blasted and powdercoated frame - depending on how brave I’m feeling…

Will try and photo the work from here on in.

Wish me luck![:o)]


Bif just got his replacement FII frame sandblasted and primed at the weekend. He’s considering doing the paint job himself, we’ll have to try and get some pix of that and document his F2 rebuild. I’ll get him subbed to this forum and if you’ve got any probs with your rebuild I’m sure we’ll be able to lend a helping (virtual) hand.