Plastic renovation

I’m probably the last to discover this but I’ve always had problems with getting plastic panels and covers back to a decent base for starting renovation on. I’ve tried allsorts in the past but to very limited success. My latest requirement was the top yoke fuse cover on my F2F which had but daubed with several layers of crap over the years. So much so that you could hardly see the standing out “fuse” written on it so I thought I’d try vapour blasting this time. What a pleasant surprise when I got it back and saw it was near perfect for the painting / lacquering stage. I think the photos show the final results quite well.

hi martin,

those have come up well, will you be spraying them black then laquering or just laquering alone ?

Hi Pete, I was advised to spray them with plastic primer then just a top coat clear lacquer. However, they stayed too dark grey for my liking so I’ve sprayed them black then lacquered them. WIP.