Poor Starting

Hi Folks, got this annoying problem, a couple of days ago my VF started to turn slower, right checked the output 12 - 12.47 volts. ok tested the battery with fancy all singing dancing intelligent battery tester from snap-on, said battery was on its way out, fair enough i thought, got a brand new Fiamm one fitted it and initial starting was improved - when after a run it went lethargic on me and was slow starting again, checked fuses and common connectors for corrosion, checked the voltage when running - up to 12.80 - 13.06 volts, when i put load onto it it compensates (putting lights on etc) so im not sure if its a starter fault (just tired like me) or an connection fault somewhere, has anyone encountered this before[?] cheers…</font id=“Book Antiqua”></font id=“black”></font id=“size2”>

1987 VF1000FF and an 1989 FLHTCU

sounds like the starter motor is tired,had
a simler problem with mine when warmed up
it woodent start(had to bump it),replaced
the starter and its been fine eversince.


Hey Buzz,
Had the same problem with my FE after I found it sitting in a shed for 8 years. As it had quite a few electrical problems to deal with.

  1. Had the starter fully rebuilt, which was cheaper than a new one.
  2. Had the starting solenoid changed for an after market one as the original was corroded internally and not transferring power to starter.
  3. Had slightly bigger starter cables run to the starter to carry more load, with all new crimp lugs soldered on as well. 6mm - 1/4" cable I think with more strands of copper inside than standard was the go so the mechanic said.

Made the world of difference compared to the original just turning the motor over.

Paul F

wonderful, cheers chaps, looks like the starters coming out to get a look at then, thanks again…Philip

1987 VF1000FF and an 1989 FLHTCU

well had a look after work, the 30 amp fuse had seen much better days and was cracked, so cleaned all terminals etc, and its much better cheers…Phil

1987 VF1000FF and an 1989 FLHTCU

i’m having this problem on my 85 VF1000R - i’ve swapped starters and it’s still the same. i will swap solenoids today and see if that helps any.