Potential problems

Im a potential buyer.
Id like to know what to look for when viewing a 1000r.
I expect there to be the usual Honda clutch rattle and reg/rec problems but is there anything specific to these bikes?


Hi Roger,
It really depends what you’re looking for? If you’re after a perfect collectable ride you would expect everything to be in very good condition. Unless it’s very low kms/ mileage if you can, it’s worth getting a compression test, or better still remove cam covers to check for cam and rocker wear.
Body Parts can be difficult or almost impossible to buy, if they are missing or damaged.
If you’re after absolute originality, it’s worth checking that pipes, wheels etc are stock also.

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The bike im looking at is mostly complete and running.
It doesnt look too bad from the pictures provided but i will view before any cash changes hands.


Great that it’s a runner. You ought to hear the whine of the cam gear drives, but no other real clatter if the valve gear is ok. Obviously you’ll have to balance price over cost to rebuild/ complete versus a complete running bike.
Best of luck, keep us here at the forum updated!

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Ive just received the videos.
Its a projectt hat he cant finish due to losing his storage.
Everything does look ok, there are a few things needed to finish the bike but its nothing i cant do.
I’ll have to take a drive over to view.

Some more info (pics) would be helpful … Most known problems are cams / rockers. But a nearly 40 year old bike can have lots of pontential issues. Don’t believe the seller, maybe there are problems he cannot fix like on most other “project” bikes: needs only some little work :wink:






This is what the seller says…

I’ve basically lost my storage so am unable to finish it but a lot of the hard work has been done.
The things it needs to finish are as follows:
Fuel tank tap needs fitting
Fuel pipe needs replacing to carbs ( have pipe)
Slight blow on pot 2 exhaust. New exhaust seal needed (I have the part)
Small drip from coolant pipe on pot 2. Copper washer needs fitting.
Front brakes need bleeding
Clutch needs bleeding
I currently have the bodywork off so can see engine properly

It all comes down to your choice, if you want a pristine bike without any hassles then this probably isn’t the bike for you?
If the price is reasonable, and you can start and run it, then I’d grab it. They are all old bikes now, and need a certain amount of work to get them riding reliably without hassles.
Let us know if you’ve bought yourself a meRRy chRistmas present!

Unfortunately the guy that was after doing the swap hasn’t followed up on the deal.
So I’ll have to look elsewhere.