Programmable ignition

Hi gary, both fans should be sucking air through the rad, normally one turns clockwise and the other anti clockwise, I considered doing the stick coil mod on mine and bought some spal slim line fans to replace the honda ones, I haven’t as yet got round to fitting them…20210515_123816

Hi Pete, where did you get them from?

Hi gary, these are the ones I bought, I read through a post on another forum by an american guy “kel”, sounds like he just fitted one of these centrally and says he has no over heating issues…
I was going to fit 2 but haven’t got round to it yet…
You can even get some special fixing that fit through the rad fins, I dont know how good the are, my plans were to make a bracket…

Thanks Pete, have ordered one as I don’t think two will fit. Have fitted the coils and started her up with no issues but haven’t rode her yet, feels even better than before so Hope’s are high! Took some videos of the sparks with standard ignition then ignitech and standard coil and finally ignitech and cop coils but I can’t see much difference between them, will look on a bigger screen and if there is a difference I’ll post a link.


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Great work Gaz,look forward to getting a proper chat about it

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Can’t wait, I need your opinion on the improvements so when we reach fort William she is open for all to ride and we can discuss all things vf1000 over several pints. See you soon.


Sounds good gary :+1:

Fan fitted and some tweaks done to advance curve, have increased full advance to 37 degrees as stated in manual and have reinstated the dip in the curve from 1.5k to 2.5k to see if it makes any difference as I’ve cleaned out tank so petrol starvation should not be an issue. If all is well I will play around with the curve to see if I can make any improvement but without putting her on a dyno it’s going to be all guesswork. There is a dyno only 2 miles from me so might go and see how much to setup properly, the map should then work for anybody else with a VF. Not sure if a throttle position sensor would make any improvement but have bought one and will make a mounting bracket, as a test I removed the blanking plug for the butterfly valve on carb 1 and drilled and tapped rod and fitted a 3mm stud and an activator to turn TPS on a spare carb to see if it works and looks like it will. Will post any progress.



Great feedback here!
I’m fitting an Ignitech to my VF1000R (US import, now in UK) and keen to fast track any issues I can to maximise the benefits!

Already ordered the Spal fan x1 to delete the twin setup, free space and anticipate packaging issues for coils + reduce unsprung mass! :slight_smile:


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Hi Guys,

I have fitted my Ignitech and bike is running great - I’ve done about 800 miles on my bike since installation and the COP upgrade was definitely worthwhile.

One issue I have is the tachometer seems to have a mind of its own. I thought my tacho was faulty so I picked up another from eBay and the same issues - revs jump / fluctuate quite a bit and when the ignitech rev limiter kicks in the tacho is nowhere near 11k and bounces around like it’s gone crazy.

Did I miss something from the Ignitech setup? Do I need to change something regarding the spark per revolutions, any advice at all would be great as it’s probably the only thing not working as it should - which is quite possibly a user error!

Thanks in advance :+1:

Hi roots, a couple of us from the forum have just been on a wwekend trip round scotland covering about 1000 miles, rode my RE with the 4 output ignitech fitted and cop coils and had no issues with the rev counter at all but i don’t use the rev limiter so that may be the problem. If you could let me know which coils are wired to which output, wire colours will do and if possible some photos of the setup and the software setup I’ll check them against my setup for you, take a picture of each tab in the software as I’ve found that when you save the setup to file it doesn’t save some things, the map sensor settings for some reason don’t get saved. I’m sure we can sort this out for you. Did you put the bike on a dyno?


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Not a great pic as I had issues getting the Ignitech to speak to my laptop. Finally got it fired up and after I finished I realised the pictures and screenshots I took didn’t work, only this one pic of my big stupid head reflecting in the sun! Haha

I can take these all again but any feedback or Ignitech files from anyone else’s software would be an incredible help to validate where my issue may be.

I can report back afterwards to confirm what changes worked and more so what didn’t work to avoid misery for anyone else!

Ok, I’ll send you my file though it should be the same as yours. The picture you posted is the settings for a yamaha r6 and the error message below where it says you are connected says unit and pc settings are different so you need to read from the unit, this should show us the correct settings then. To read from unit press the read button (don’t press program! ) and take the picture again.


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Thanks Gary - i was contemplating deleting my post but this may help someone else avoid the same mistake so ill leave it!! I will take a proper look at this over the weekend and ensure i “read” the file programmed on the bike before sharing. Hoping there is simple fix via the software.

Also, i will try correct the tacho vs engine speed at the same point - engine hits limiter at 11k rpm but tacho barely reads 10k rpm so theres approx 10-12% correction required.

Great, im sure we can sort this out. Also if possible let me know what wire colour goes to which coil. The harness supplied by ignitech was wrong and i had to do some alterations before mine would run properly so photos of the harness may be helpful. And what wire colour goes to map sensor.