Programmable ignition

New ignitech ignition arrived today, looks like a well made piece of kit

I need to get a serial to USB converter as my laptop doesn’t have a serial port and some electrical connectors the same as the original unit has so it can be swapped over with little fuss. The plan is to set it up using original pulse generators and then see if I can source some new ones so the entire ignition is new. Will post my progress as it happens.



Garyb, not having a serial port is a pain, I found it more difficult using the usb to serial adapter, bike wouldn’t run properly while connected to my laptop, luckily my Dell had a serial port, and I could run and monitor what was happening, hopefully yours won’t be a problem.

I may have to dig out my old laptop specially for this job, I’m sure it’s in the garage somewhere.

Not as adjustable as yours Gary,these little guys will support COP as well as give up to 3 degrees of advance along with variable ignition curve and Rev limiter.image
Worth trying at £120 delivered
Regards Bif

I had a look at those and they looked good the only reason I went for the ignitech ones was the fact you can use different pickups than standard and I wanted to see if it is possible to use a complete new ignition setup after having my pickups fail. I’ve had no chance to do anything the last few weeks as I had to have my garage rebuilt due to subsidence and the bike and all my tools are in the greenhouse! Garage all finished now so can put everything back and remove engine to do the rings and gearbox then maybe I will get round to the ignition. I bought a pair of new pickups for a Honda four cylinder outboard motor and hope to make some adapter plates to mount them to original pickup mounts. Will post my progress as I go.


Update on ignition, fitted to bike no problem. Program recognised impulse type and started no problem, can’t test on the road at the moment as tank and fairing at sprayers.


Made a harness up so I could keep original wiring.


Screen showing advance and rpm


Screen showing available adjustments, not too sure what some of these do so will leave until I can ride bike again and in the meantime do some research.



Looking good gary, I’m watching with interest, if we get to scotland this year and your pulling wheelies and spinning up in third gear… I’ll know you’ve got it sorted :+1:

The plan is to get it programmed and with the additional harness so anyone with the twin box system can try it for themselves and see the difference if any. Keep the faith, we will make it to Scotland! We may have to pretend we all live with bif and are one household.

Dont think we gonna pass as brothers on the account that your all over 6ft3, and I’m only 4ft 7 :joy:

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Have you never seen that scottish cultural masterpiece the krankies?

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Looking now for accommodation and routes in Scotland for this year.
July would seem to be a fair bet if that works for everyone.
I’m sure wee Nicky will let you all in by then

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