Project FE progress

I’ve spent a bit of time collecting panels for a black and silver FE I had plans to build for a mate of mine.
I found the final bits in Italy and had a a frame in the store which duly was dispatched to the powdercoaters.IMG_0233 IMG_0229 ![IMG_0231|669x499](upload://p
9hgQyTDdjqLFXP2iAAizmswoHV.jpeg) IMG_0232 EoVLQsfIHEuUcnFTWGPVmNHoI.jpeg)
Firestorm fork lowers,brakes and mudguard
VFR750 wheel and discs
Radial brake and clutch master cylinders
Early Blackbird switchgear and modified R swing arm with CBR 900 wheel and brake.
For an engine I’m using the school R motor I bought a while back so a complete strip down is necessary to ensure nothing is missing or broken.
Pics of what I find to follow.
Regards Bif


Same colour as mine, should never have sold it, best bike I’ve ever had.

Very, very nice!

That looks sweet, all right.

That sounds like some great mods Bif!