Proud new owner of VF1000RG

Hi everyone,
I bought myself this VF1000RG about 2 months ago, unfortunately I won’t be able to ride it for the next 3 years because I don’t yet have my bike license.


Send it down under and I can keep it warm for you?
Looks great,how about more photo’s.

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Thank you. I take it outside every few weeks to start the engine and let it run for a bit, I will take some more photo’s then.

Dutch number plate. License issue seems to be more a german problem …

Welcome to the forum.

Because of regulations I will be getting my license next year when I turn 21. When I have it I will be limited to 48 horsepower due to age and then when I have my license for 2 years it will become unlimited.

Nice ! I got a 1984 in red me self.

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Looks good! How did you do the paddockstand in the rear? Are the bobbins usable or just as safety?

It’s 4 use. Got a longer 12.9 bolt (umbrako) and made a simular disc as the bobbind had to put inside. Can take some pictures if you want.

If you can take some pictures I would appreciate that, I have been looking for an easy way to lift the rear up.