Pulse generator readings

Here are the resistance readings taken from my VF1100 Sabre which has been misfiring when warmed up:

Blue wires 474 ohms cold 641 hot
Yellow 461 624

I suppose this means theyre knackered? Manual says 480 +/- 10% i think.

Cheers Chaps

Looks like they are on the way out Drew,luckily they are the same as the 1000F so not too bad to fix.Let us know what you need and I’m sure we can sort something out

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As I thought Bif, Message sent to you.

Those readings would indicate them being knackered! Here’s a couple of pictures of your ignition units.



As you can see the smaller TID12-13 unit has quite a lot of corrosion on pins but should be repairable, larger 13A unit looks fine and will only need all soldered joints re doing. Will let you know how I get on. If people stop breaking machines I may get them done tonight! Inconsiderate buggers that they are!



Thanks Gaz! That spark box looks horrendous, anything you can do will be appreciated pal.

Cleaned up all right. Resoldered and ready for testing.


One pin has corroded away a bit but should be ok.


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Pick ups in the post Drew,sent first class so possibly with you Monday am
Regards Bif

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Cheers Bif, thats great!