Pulse generator

My VF1000 fe tacho’s not working and number 1 cylinder only runs intermittently, I’ve checked the pulse generator yellow/white - yellow 488 but the blue/wihite-blue 501 is this too high?

More likely to be ignition unit under seat, the pulse generators tend to breakdown when they get hot rather than intermittently but the ignition units get bad connections due to age and you get intermittent faults then. Do you have a spare ignition box to try or know anyone who does?

Thanks for reply, I’ve swapped the ignition unit over and it didn’t make any difference, the bike ran exactly the same and tacho still didn’t work, that’s why I thought off the pulse generators. No I haven’t got any spare ones to try, I’ll have a look on eBay, do you know if any other models fit ?

I think they’re all the same, I’ve been trying to sort out a complete new ignition system for the VF1000 and have a new ignition unit and coils but still need to sort out pickups. On the 3 occasions I’ve had them fail, twice they started acting up when hot and when tested seemed to be ok the third time one coil failed completely. Hope you get it sorted. I’ll post my efforts to make brackets for new pickups when I get around to it, hopefully over winter.

Had the same problem in feb this year bike cut out on2 cylinders rev counter not working had a spare box broke down near home went back fitted it fired up thought i had fixed it filled it up bad move broke down on way home tank off now full swapped the coil back out broke down again it was the pulse coil but it killed 2 cylinders