Purchase advice

I’m considering buying an 85 VF1000FF. It’s done 78000km. Current owner hasn’t had it long and can’t tell me the history. Any brief advice on what to look/listen for when viewing? The cam oilers were a problem on these? Are they expensive to replace? Can you tell when they need replacement (without actually looking)?
Cheers from New Zealand

Any top end rattle or loud ticking can signify potential cam/head problems, it usually affects the rear head first as they run hotter. It was poor oil supply that killed em(0-5 psi at tickover!). That’s a high mileage one so unless its had an oilmod,(you can tell usually co it’ll have braided lines running around the engine to each head)it’s gonna need a good look under cam covers before committing to buy. The cams run plain in the alloy head too, so beware knackered cam journals. Heads and cams are getting hard to find in the UK, but not impossible.

Hi, i’ve heard something 'bout VF cams problem , but most on VF750F, at least this told me years ago an authorized Honda mechanic quite experienced…
let’s hope…[:)]