just rebuilt my forks new bushes seals new correct amount of oil but they bottom out hard very easy
wondered if the correct amount of oil is in each leg
followed the amounts in the manual in mlls

maybe need to top them up ?

Were they bottoming before rebuild?

This is a dumb question, but, are the spacers over the springs?

But ok, assuming they are, oil is 460ml left leg and 440ml right leg.

What is the static sag?

they were ok even when they had knackard bushes in them
now they have all new bushes they seem to bottom
Im thinking because they are air forks i will check the pressure again but its a maximum 15psi i recall
apart from that new stiffer springs :slight_smile:

will check sag when it stops raining again

hi windy,

a few things to check would be the oil lock piece at the bottom of the right hand fork leg, its a bit unclear in the manual which way up it goes, narrowest end should face upwards, if you get this in the wrong way around your right hand fork will bottom out before the end of the fork travel…

also, i wouldnt be tempted to go with too heavy fork oil if your re-using the old springs, heavy oil will slow the recovery/rebound of the spring making it compact down over a series of bumps.

failing that, new springs may be the order of the day, the standard springs on the vf are too soft for even my 13 stone weight, from my own personel experience i would stay clear of progressive springs, i recently bought a set of wilbers which turned out to be way too soft, i would go with either sonic springs or racetech linear springs, both firms have easy to use online spring rate calculators.

hope this helps windy

I put some more air in the forks and this seemed to fixit 8)
Decided to go for a ride yesterday so i parked it in front of the bungalow
put on my safety helmet put on my gloves started her up then hopped on, nice all new suspension,
clutch in selected first gear ,moved forward then found myself on the floor under the bike.
At this stage in my mind I was thinking Full tank of gas must get it upright.
As I looked at it laying there helpless I realise I was the one that was helpless 260KG.
Luckerly I had the caravan right behind me so I grabed the bike and tried to lift it.
(never No one arround when you need help,story of my life )
With my already painfull shoulder and carple tunnel in my right wrist hurting like F**k i started to lift the bike up, After 12 inched I took a 5 second break then lifted again,took another break,5 seconds then a final heave ho and it was upright and I was shakin like a leaf from adrenalin.
got it on the stand and looked at the front wheel,thinking there was a brick down there No IT WAS A YELLOW DISC LOCK SOME IDIOT FITTED CAUSE HES PARANOID OF Loseing his pride and joy.

I cracked the fairing alittle near the right corner and broke a clutch leaver £6.50
SO Now I allways check for disc locks and my ones are yellow just a bad day
maybe the bike was tring to save my life on the road that day

Bloody hell windy… you don’t have much luck.

Ill give up when Im DEAD ;D