Question re front disk paper washers?, and Happy New Year from down under!

Happy new Year to all! ;D
I was changing front disks between current project- VF 1000F, and spare wheels off identical bike today, and noticed that one side had vey thin paper washers under the inside of the disk, is this standard, or would it have been packed out to centralise disk/ cut down drag?


8)I understand these discs are called floating discs so they self center as the wheel rotates

Hi Greg,
The paper washers are standard and should be on both discs… Although I couldn’t sware to it I’ve always believed they were to do with heat expansion of the disc under braking.

Hi Greg,these are listed as damping shims, they reduce the vibes coming from the disc,I have found no problems running without them,they compact down to half a millimetre so there is plenty of space in the carriers to accommodate running without any plus the caliper can adjust itself to suit.
If you must have them,they are part no. 45128-ME2-003
Regards Bif

Thanks Bif,
Makes sense, I might just cut up some new ones and refit with the disks. Windysolar, they’re definitely not floating discs, they’re the ones with the two peices disc and hub flange mount that are held together with the bush type rivets so the disc can self centre between the pads.
Thanks again brains trust, onwards with the rebuild, currently finishing back end- removing swing arm to service bearings,. Once that’s finished will refit all back end bits and on to front end rebuild and all brake slaves…

so they self center so they move on there own to match the pads
termed floating

The OE discs are not floating. They are one piece rotors bolted to the wheel so they can’t float.

I think you have the wrong end of the stick Windy,if you CAN get a set of paper shims make a disc float I would prefer not to have it fitted to the front of my bike.
The EBC ones look a little more manly than that
Regards Bif