Race Forum

Hi Guys, Do u have a Race section for the VF100R?

There is not a specific section for race bikes,in truth this is the first enquiry along those lines.
Are there any classes that the VF qualifies to race in and if so where we can see them?
Regards Bif

Amen to that Bif. I’d love to see a VF of any size being raced either in Classic or otherwise.

Hi Martin,
Here, we have 3 or 4 VF1000R ( remember Jean Marc at the SRC), a handfull of VF1000FE and some VF500 involved in classic races. Last year we even had a pair of VF400 on the track at the Coupes Moto Légendes…

And we have Ph70 fighting on the track with a very fast VF750FF

Yes Fred. I have fond memories of Paul Ricard last April and watching your friends VF1000R going round. I went to look at one in a dealers last week but it was too tatty for the price and didn’t have the seat hump either. Are you guys doing Paul Ricard again next year ?

We’ll do it next year , at least most of us…

OK Fred, I’ll put some thought towards doing that again. Might well come on the FF this time.