rack for vf1000fe

Did anyone ever make a small rear rack for these bikes
I need somewhere to keep my on the road first aid kit for me and the bike ?[8D]

I ordered one yesterday online from Hepco and Becker for the weekend away, its £148.00, I was tempted to make one but I maybe would have had to buy a tube bender then the steel, I’m not sure but I might have bought the last one from Hepco but it is always worth an enquiry if you want one.

I forgot to mention that they have some other model VF’s in their listing, I don’t know if they are in stock but again its worth enquiring.

I have just made one, looks better ( would say that though) than H&P one shown. Not yet on bike, will post a pic when it is fitted. £8 for 1/2 inch 18swg steel tube, £12 brazing rods and flux, borrowed gas bottles, my own pipe bender and £32 for powder coating. It doe fit to bike through tail fairing though, previous owners mod… Will post when weather gets a bit warmer

Ventura list a fitting system for each of the VFs that takes a range of their bags. Not that cheap, but good gear. Cheers

I received my hepco-becker rack a few days ago, looks well made and nicely powdercoated, unfortunately there was’nt any instructions, I fitted the side rails, then offered up the rack, there was a whopping 30mm gap between the mounting brackets, it looked like the upright brackets had been welded on the wrong way round because they angled off into the wrong direction[:(!]
At this point I should have contacted H-B or sent it back, but I managed to neatly bend them back over to meet the rack mounts[B)]
In future I will make my own[xx(]

thats bad phil, it just sort of takes the shine off things when you pay a decent lump of money for what should be a quality product, then when it arrives its been made wrong…

never mind it will soon be summer [:)][:D][8D]