Hello everyone,
So after 2 years of riding it stock, I decided to make a streetfighting of my VF1000F. So I remove all the front ferings, to attack the first problem, radiator.
My first instinct was to relocalize, since it’s already a warm bike and the sensor and cap are there, but these just no place for it.

-So, is anyone as ride long enough with just the main radiator? is the bike really risk to over heat?

-As for the hose it’s self, they are so old, I have difficulties to get the right diameter, I can read 32mm on some 34 on others, what’s the correct size?

-As for the sensor, of what I understand, most people have already bypassed that to have the fan running none-stop?

-any other suggestion of parts I can remove, I have already removed the gas pump, running on gravity as fine.

Thank you

The main rad is too small IMO. Look into a VF700/750F lower radiator perhaps to supplement.

Thanks for the tip,

I would not have thought the vf 700 had a bigger radiator, I will look into it.

I’m also hoping the fact that is way mor expose will help.

It’s starting to be cold her, so I will for sure, be ok to finish the season, but for next summer

Thank you

It’s not bigger. It has a second radiator designed to be mounted low behind the front wheel instead of behind the headlight.

And the main radiator is not really obstructed on the stock bike, so don’t expect much improvement by removing the upper cowl.