Rainy day detailing

IMG_2013 IMG_2012

What else to do when its raining but polish the beauty, and drink tea in front of the heater !



very nice, looks superb :+1:

Beautiful. A true work of art by Honda.
And much credit to you for keeping it so well.

Wow Ian, beautiful example, I’m jealous- of the bike, but also the rain, seems to be a thing of the past down here in OZ. We only have drought, bushfires, dust storms- and it`s not even summer yet!

Hi speedygp, yep the climate out there doesnt suit me, my daughter lives in Nowra NSW and I visit regularly, thats probably where this vf will end up after I hang up my leathers as my son in law has his eyes on it.
Stay safe in those bush fires.:+1:

Nowra, know it well, and bushfire is my line of business as a superintendent with ACT RFS, and a volunteer firefighter also. Certainly a boom business these days…