rant rant rant... again

well… i just cant believe how difficult it is to get any kind of forward progress on the bold’or, the yys suspension unit ended up lost in the post because someone didnt put the house number on the parcel, it eventually arrived after about 2 weeks, now the spring needs altering, the 60x180x200 spring is too stiff for my 12.5/13 stone, in all fairness i have been intouch with firefox, they will change it for me but the suspension guy is away untill next week.
Then all the bussiness with the avon tyres… and now just to peeve me off even more the sprocket set i bought off ebay 152166050155 is not up to standard, the “techcorps” rear sprocket is a poor fit on the sprocket carrier, the center hole is bigger than the center boss of the sprocket carrier, it has about a 1.5mm of sideways movement in it making it impossible to center the sprocket, and to be honest is probably dangerous to try use it as i feel it will want to move on acceleration…
So… “bits for bikes” ebay trader has an email waiting for him this morning, see what happens.

See the trouble with you older types, you think things should be done properly and that people should know their subject. Those days are long gone mate - its everyman scrimping and dealing where they can make a penny or two. Cant blame them really but its frustrating for the others. BTW - my son is telling me that the VFR400 (NC30) owners use BMW S1300 ??? rear shocks on their bikes ( with softer springs) because apparently the BM boys like to race these and ditch the standard shock for a sexier one. The fittings are the same as the NC30 and you can get them nearly new and cheap. Does anyone know how the NC30 and VF1000 / VF range rear shocks match up ?