Rarity of VF-1000F's?

I bought an 83 750 Interceptor new and still have it. A couple of months back I bought a 84 VF-1000F. I was in the motorcycle dealership the other day and the parts guys said the VF-1000 is very rare and you don’t see those anymore.

I do see them for sale regularly…are they really that rare? Were they all scrapped or are they all hiding in peoples garages?

I find they are a bit like red cars, as soon as you have one, you suddenly see a lot more of them :slight_smile:

Having not seen one for a long while, I acquired mine and within a few weeks, a local dealer turned up a minter FE.

I think overall they sold far better in the US than this side of the pond and that is reflected in their general availability.

I recall when I bought my VF-750 new in 1983 that I didn’t see many of the VF-1000F’s the following year when they came out.

The local dealer recently told me the VF-750F’s sold in much bigger numbers.

I’m on the west coast of Canada.

I still have my 750 and I’m pleased to now have a 1000 to go with it…both have seat cowls.

I have only seen 2 in the last 10 years. One is mine that I just pulled out of the barn after 26 years in hiding. I have serial # 1000021. Not sure if that means I have #21 for Canada, North America or the World.

Just got mine in a collection of boxes ! only 2nd I’ve seen in New Zealand, and 1 other 750.

Australia-East coast at least seems to have a reasonable number, on the road, and in sheds. We have a few here in the VJMCC. They appear regularly appear on Gumtree, and fleebuy, complete bikes, wrecks, and parts. I`ve got an 85FF on the road, and another 85 FF project, as well as an 84 FE in bits. I’ll probably be fitting FE bodywork to the Project FF, as I like the look of the FE arse end better.

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Theres quite a few down in the South as well. I believe they have a few in West Australia too. I forgot that you guys on the East coast quite often forget that there is a North South and West Coast as well. :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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UK Centric, here’s the figures from DVLC…

F Model

R Model