Rattle on engine at tick over ?

Firstly hi to all you boys and girls out there.
This is my first post but i am hoping that someone out there can help me ?.
I recently bought a rather nice 1985 VF1000F2 Bol Dor…i have had owned a fair few VF750’s over the years but this is the first time i have had a VF1000 so i dont know if they have any faults or germlins.
Anyway to the problem at hand…My VF has started too rattle when she ticks over but not straight away she starts perfectly with a little choke but then after a moment or two the rattle starts and even with a little bit of throttle its there in fact the rattle does seem to get faster as the engine rev’s. Now i now that Honda’s are known for the odd rattle but i have not heard this before even on all my other VF’s so i am lost so too speak…does anyone out there know what it may be ?.
Thanks in advance.
Ride free…Ride safe.

Hi damage case it sounds to me as though you might have a camchain issue or a cam issue the best way to find out is to remove the rocker covers and check things out , firstly how many miles as the old bike done and i have found that these issues are usually caused by another fault and the main one is usually a partially blocked oil strainer due to cowboys over the years using silicone sealer rather than replacing gaskets which collects in the oil strainer and blocks it. If the sound is prominent from the start i would check the camchain tension it is an automatic tensioner but on occasion the slide shaft can wear and stop the tensioner from locking in place thus allowing the tensioner to constantly move causing chain slap which is a rattle that increases with the revs the cam noise is usually quieter when cold and increases in volume as the engine warms. I have bought 5 vf engines and four of them had partially blocked oil strainers so i would definately check that and it also gives you a chance to ensure no parts have broken off and are laying in the sump, hope this helps ,

If the rattle cease or fade when hot it may just be the chain tensioner so no need to worry unless your bike has over 100k miles on the clock. Check for the valve adjustment and cams/followers for signs of pitting… Also have dive a magnet in the oil at the oil change and search for pellets of gasket in the sump as Paul says…

you don’t say whether it’s top bottom or middle of the engine
had a similar problem on my 750 but mine was on the lower end behind the clutch cover.
Turned out to be a loose bolt on the starter clutch, god knows why I have never had it off or even the clutch cover.