RE and RF gaskets different?

Gooday All,
Looking to order a full gasket set for my RE project. Have seen lots of item descriptions which say it will fit 84-86, but the RFs and RGs both have the wider heads like the FF and F2 don’t they?
I’m looking for Athena brand if possible, happy to receive advice or recommendations.

The Gasket sets are the same apart from the Valve cover gaskets. The Wider heads on the RF/FF RG/FG use the gasket with the half moon seals. Finding a set with the correct Vlve cover gaskets is pretty difficult. Even the ones advertised as RF/FF usually have the earlier type. If yours is an RE You wont have a problem


Thanks Frew,
You’ve confirmed what I’d noticed with gasket sets on eBay, saying that they will fit 84-86.
I have a spare gasket set from my FFs, and will be interested to see what fits. Appreciate what you say about the difference because of the cam tunnel boring on the RG. Luckily, from my experience the cam cover seals nearly always clean up ok?

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