RE cam covers- black or polished alloy?

Happy almost Xmas forum gurus,
I now have 2 RE motors, one with polished alloy, and one with black cam covers.
The REs that I’ve seen have had polished alloy.
The one with black covers looks like original OME finish, but maybe just RG covers someone’s fitted.
I like the black finish and will probably fit those, but curious to know if all REs were fitted with the polished covers?

I’ve realy seen many VF1000Rs in the last years and I was surprise how different the details are. The side covers differs often. The first models has close covers with a slot, later the covers hat the net design. The mirrors also also very different between the europian and american models. There are differnet versions of the head light cover. And also the cam covers differs. I have seen RE models with black and also some with polished alloy. It seems the different factories had there own style in this details.
I’m not really sure but I guess a cam cover of an RF or RG modell will not fit on an RE modell, because of the bigger heads.

Duh, of course, I should have realised that!
Interesting you mention the different factories? I thought they all came out of the same factory or production line in Japan, Hamamatsu seems to be familiar- will have to do some research.
One thing I have noticed is that the frame weld quality, and spatter is worse on any of the REs I have than FE or FF frames here.

Hey Speedy.
Your VIN number has all the info about which factory they came from. If you have a genuine parts book look it up at the front. If you don’t have a manual, let me know and I can try to put one on the Forum for you. I suppose just a picture will do the job.

Hope they came out OK.

Sorry just realised these are only for the f’s. but they might help someone.