RE front wiring pic please?

I’m in the final stages of reassembling a twin headlight RE. I got this bike in bits, and am unfamiliar of the correct routing of the thick, octopus like wiring up under the front fairing.
I realise that some of the connectors sit in the little cut out bracket, but do the 2 twin headlight relays just hang down off the harness?
Can anyone send a pic of how it sits along the fairing subframe and below the connectors please?

The following pics may help,if not I have a partially stripped RE with the harness in place I can photograph next time I’m at the store

Regards Bif

Thanks @Faxe and @bif
managed to sort it out. I had left the inner shroud off, thinking that I could fit it after installing instruments and headlight- very wrong!
The good bit about that was that when reassembling it properly I found the lugs that the two relays mounted on. Once I had the relays mounted correctly, I was able to route the rest of the wiring reasonably easily!