Rear Brake Caliper install?

I was installing my Tear Brake Calioer on my 84 VF 1000/ When I tighten the bolts to the Bracket .It pulls the inside Brake Pad to the Rotor and it won"t turn,. Can someone send me a side Pic of their Caliper Bracket.?

 Thks Keith.
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That was Rear Brake Caliper

Were you just re-installing or is this a replacement caliper and / or a different bracket?

Stock parts. I found another Brkt on Ebay .And going to see if that works.?

Not sure how stock parts all of a sudden don’t work. You have something assembled wrong, like a spacer, or your caliper is not sliding on the pin properly.

Did you just replace the pads or something?

I replaced Pads and rebuilt Caliper.

I had the Rear on the Right Frt And the Right Frt on the Rear. lol I don"t know how I did that. I marked them.

That’ll do it. Bet you thought you were going (more) crazy.


Yes I was .Imagine that rear was supposed to be on Frt…lol