Rear brake calliper sticking

Hi all having a problem with rear brake calliper on vf1000f2.randomly sticks on even if I ride bike using front only.sliders are free.if you undo bleed nipple pistons push back! Seems ok at times.sticks at others.when it sticks if you just let pressure out of bleed nipple it frees off again.

Hi nigel, I would say that is either your master cylinder or your rear brake pedal is on in slightly the wrong position or not adjusted properly,
I had this on the fronts when using aftermarket levers, they were just pushing on the master cylinder piston by about a mm or so, holding the brake on, but not noticeably on, which meant the return hole in the master cylinder was covered, this meant the slight rubbing of pad on disc builds up heat which expands the fluid, if It cant get back through the return hole it pushes the pads out, which builds up more heat until it eventually locks the brake up…


Thanks Pete think you might have hit the nail on the head.will have a tinker this weekend.kind regards Nigel

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