Rear brake pedal RE

If you look at the fische below it shows a different rear brake pedal than the photo shown when you check the item number.
My bike pedal is per the photo but I have always wanted to raise it on bike but cannot as the bolt catching on the bracket limits the amount you can raise it.
If you look at the fische pedal the bolt is forward and thus this pedal would allow more adjustment.
Any reason why this fische shows a different pedal?

The difference is probably what CMS euphemistically call ‘supersession’ or ‘equivalence’.

I’ve fallen foul of this when buying things from CMS when they’ve sent a superseding part in place of the original. The ‘new’ part wouldn’t fit unless the associated connecting parts were replaced with compatible ones.

The most recent example is on the Suzuki I’m rebuilding. In this case the ignition switch cable loom was about four feet shorter than the original, necessitating changing the plug on the new loom, and fitting a compatible receptacle socket to the loom I cut from the old switch in order to connect it into the bike.

You may be in a similar position with your brake pedal.

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Still not happy with the rear brake pedal being too low. I have big feet plus add the riding boots I find it very difficult to get enough flex to get to the pedal. As mentioned previously the pedal bolt stops the pedal from going any higher. Anyone know of another pedal that will fit to get it higher?

You could try countersinking the bolt hole to accept a different countersunk head bolt with an allen key fitting. Would that give you more clearance/movement?

Yeah - good idea. I will take the bracket apart and look at what might work.
I am sure many owners would like the pedal higher so crazy design from Honda.

There is only one brake pedal,the schematic drawing has possibly been lifted from elsewhere,the photo underneath shows the correct item.
You could use a button head bolt and move the pedal up a spline or swap the master cylinder with one from an F model and significantly reduce pedal travel.The R uses a 1/2 inch master the F a 5/8

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Thanks Bif. I will look into those options.