Rear cowl - yikes!

This is what the previous owner left me with. Had to grind off botched fibreglass “repair”. Apart fron sourcing a good used one has anyone repaired anything as bad as this?20200710_171448

Repaired much worse than that, its very rare that a completely unbroken seat cowel comes up for sale, some peeps are wanting £150 plus for damaged ones…

Can you let me know how you repaired yours. I was thinking of making a new ABS panel where the broken one is and then having it plastic welded into place. Fibreglsss doesn’t seem to be the answer here. Any tips on repairing broken off lugs?

I’m a bit old school when it comes to plastic repairs, knowing that these are week points I would make a 3 dimensional fiberglass back plate, drill 2 rows of counter sunk holes along the matting area, apply masking tape to the outer (seen) surface of the cowel, let the fiberglass resin run into the holes, fill flat and paint…
Theres probably more modern ways, but that’s how I do most of my repairs…

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I’m currently using something called Plastex to repair my panels. It is a powder with a solvent that sets it - I’ve only just started repairing, but so far it looks promising.

Hi Vanz,
Post some photos when you’re finished - be good to see the result.
I am about to fabricate an ABS panel for the cowl and have it professionally plastic welded. I am using 6mm ABS to give it some strength as the original Honda cowl is a bit flimsy.
Will post some photos when done.

Mine has lost the rear tang and one of the side ones, I think if I was doing it myself I would have done similar to Pete’s suggestion but made my rear tang from ally and riveted it on.


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