Rear shock capacity

Hi Guys,
Please can anyone tell me the oil capacity for a 1000FE standard rear shock. Clymer manual says 120cl but on a web site i’ve seen detailing strip & rebuild it says 320cl. Big difference. Any ideas ??


I have a vf1000fe but have not yet rebuilt the rear damper but it states in the service Manuel 120cl

its free to download and its 92Mb

section 15 or 16 under suspension

this download has made my rebuild possible

Lloyd or windysolar1

Thanks for the info. That will put me one step closer to being back on the road. Shame summer’s nearly over !!


having lost some ATF fluid from my rear shock while i was preparing it ready for spraying, i decided to empty the the whole contents out and re-seal it, the manual states that the shock capacity is 120ml, there was exactly 430ml of ATF came out of my shock. below is a link to jamie daugherty rear shock rebuild, i think most people will have seen it before but its interesting stuff if your thinking of messing around with your shock there’s some useful info there

Hi fellas
Can anyone please tell me the length of the standard shock eye to eye,
the reason i am asking is just bought a cbr f4 shock to do the jd conversion if anyone has their shock off at the moment any chance you could measure it[:I]
it is a vf1000 fe

hi john, just measured the rear shock before i put it back in, from center top eye to center bottom eye it measures 400mm, just as a matter of interest how long is the CBR shock

the shock i have is 305 but i cannot tell if this is the full length as it is on the hardest setting and i do not have a shock spanner to adjust it
cheers john