Rear shock conversion

I just finished making an adaptor to fit an 02’ Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird shock to our 84’ VF1000F Interceptor. I’ve done this conversion to a couple of small Sabre’s and it works great. It cost me $90 to do including the shipping! IMG_20210221_153641032|281x500 IMG_20210222_085713820 IMG_20210222_105352285 IMG_20210222_105423245 IMG_20210222_131247976 IMG_20210222_131324366


Hi KellyE, Will the blackbird shocker fit the FE without the conversion on the bottom. I realise that it would lower the back end but that is what I want to do. Do you know of any other way to lower the back end?

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Hi Kelly just realised that it was a dumb question because of the fittings. I can just make a shorter version of your modification unless you know of another way or another shocker that would fit.

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A shorter version won’t fit through the opening in the swingarm. It is a tight fit. I’m 5’ 5" and I wear my logging boots so I can flatfoot at stops.